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The Higher Education Reform Project (Loan 2766-MON), implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) and financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB), aims to deliver outputs on improving (i) quality and relevance of higher education programs; (ii) effectiveness of higher education management, financing, and governance; and (iii) equity and access to higher education. The project impact will be increased number of globally competitive higher education graduates that are adequately skilled to the needs of the labor market. The project outcome will be an improved, well-managed, and equitable higher education system. More information about the project can be obtained from

The MECSS intends to recruit a Laboratory Research and Development Consultant to be responsible for development of criteria and requirements of Open, Shared and Network laboratories (OSNLs), including assessment of their investment efficiency and human resource development needs.

Scope of Work
The Laboratory Research and Development Consultant is expected to support the MECSS in development of criteria and requirements for OSNLs, including assessment of investment efficiency and analysis of the need for laboratory human resource development. Consultant’s work comprises two parts: (1) policy analysis and (2) investment and finance analysis. The consultant will study existing research laboratories administered by 23 state funded research institutes as well as public universities. As part of the policy analysis, the need, requirements, criteria for OSNLs and its human resource capacity needs and requirements will be studied, and, then relevant policy recommendations will be provided. As part of the investment and finance analysis, scope and direction of overall research and development works being conducted in Mongolia, capacity of existing laboratories, funding, investment and current human resource capacity will be studied. Based on the findings, conclusions on restructuring existing laboratories into OSNLs will be drawn.

Expected Outputs and Detailed Tasks:
Collaborate with, and provide guidance to the Laboratory Accreditation Consultant;
Review policy and legislative documents of science and technology sector,
Define needs to make existing research laboratories open to researchers,
Develop OSNLs criteria and requirements based on international best practices;
Define requirements for human resources for OSNLs, and recommend for the most suitable modes of human resource capacity development;
Provide policy recommendations on OSNLs financing mechanisms suitable in Mongolian situation based on international best practices;
Study equipment utilization efficiency of state funded 23 research institutes and newly established large scale research laboratories of public universities in the last 10 years;
Study to define laboratory equipment utilization rate and frequency of use;
Collect quantitative data on scientific, social and economic benefits effected by laboratories’ achievements in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and return of investment including number of significant publications including research papers published in high impact factor research journals, number of citations, journal h-index, international or domestic etc.;
Assess capacity development requirements of human resource of restructured laboratories as OSNLs and provide recommendations on further development methods;
Provide a recommendation on how raw data and database are created to be used in an assessment of the status of the laboratories’ operation and in support of policy development and decision making (to be used in creation of laboratory database, and regulation of laboratories);
Provide integrated data on return of investment based on a cost estimate breakdown related with equipment utilization, including followings;
Number of developed technologies, patents, intellectual properties (classified by intellectual property types, international and domestic etc.)
Number of products and services that have high social and economic impacts in each sector;
Direct monetary income calculation earned utilizing laboratory equipment;
Laboratory equipment utilization efficiency estimation;
Cost details related with laboratory equipment;
Equipment cost estimation;
Laboratory direct operational cost estimation (maintenance cost, material cost etc.);
Labor cost estimation (administration, staff etc.);
Indirect operational cost estimation (water, electricity, heating, rent etc.);
Benchmark the estimated return of investment of research laboratories against international data;
Carry out risk analysis of the establishment of OSNLs in terms of investment and financing, human resource and administration to provide conclusion and recommendations.
C. Required Qualifications, Skills and Expertise

The applicant must possess and demonstrate the following qualifications:

  (i). Advanced university degree in natural science, engineering and management, Doctor of Philosophy degree is preferable;
 (ii). Working experience in research institutions, universities and laboratories, more than 5 years is preferable;
(iii). Experience in policy document development in the area of research, science and technology,

Application Submission Procedure
Interested candidates should apply through ADB’S Consulting Services Recruitment Notice (CSRN) following the link below by 05 May 2019

The following documents should be submitted/uploaded to the link:

Curriculum vitae
Samples of related written work (e.g. a copy report in both English and Mongolian language.)
Off-line Expression of Interests (Applications) will not be received.

Contact Information:

Attn: Ms.Jijgee Jagar, Procurement Specialist

Higher Education Reform Project

Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports of Mongolia

Building 22, 6th Floor Suite #6G

Prime Minister Amar’s Street 29, Baga Toiruu 14200

8th Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District

Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Tel: 976-70007263, 976-70007264